Biotech Companies are Expanding the Frontiers of Engineered Cell Therapy

Fabian Gerlinghaus comments on unmet needs for cell therapy scaling and how the Cell Shuttle system will tackle the problem of commercial scale manufacturing.

November 11th, 2021 – Maggie Chen, BioSpace, featured Cellares’ Cell Shuttle system in her article on unmet needs for cell therapy scaling. Fabian Gerlinghaus, Cellares Co-Founder and CEO, discusses how the Cell Shuttle system will tackle the problem of commercial scale manufacturing cell therapies.

“2017 marked the beginning of the commercialization phase in cell therapies when the first CAR-T cell therapies were FDA-approved. Prior to that, nobody was faced with the challenge of how you could scale this out to tens and hundreds of thousands of patients per year, per drug,” said Fabian Gerlinghaus, CEO at Cellares. “The problem is new, and the problem is unsolved.”

The article goes on to outline how the Cell Shuttle was designed specially to solve these industry challenges. 

“For Gerlinghaus, a former aeronautical engineer, this commitment to ensuring quality and scale, combined with special powers, persists. “We’re taking a very systematic approach, which ultimately will result in a very reliable solution for pharma companies that ultimately benefits patients,” he said. “The level of reliability that we’re going for with our equipment is akin to the level of reliability of an airplane.”

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